The Scroggs Read-A-Thon is over for 2015-16. Congratulations to  Scroggs students for their radical reading!! And, thank you to all staff and parents that supported students' reading efforts with help and donations.


Show Your Character!

The Scroggs Read-A-Thon

January 29-February 11


Introducing the Scroggs Read-a-Thon, a PTA effort to encourage the students’ love of reading and to raise funds for books and other materials for Scroggs!  Everyone can participate – even without pledges!  We will have a school goal of reading 500,000 minutes, which will be celebrated with an unforgettable assembly.  

The classes in grades K-2 and in 3-5 that read the most will have class celebrations!  The class that returns the greatest percentage of pledges (regardless of amount) will choose the wacky challenge for Ms. Epps or Mr. Widder at the final assembly!!


Step #1:  Email, call or talk to sponsors (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, babysitters, friends) and request that they support you in reading as much as you can for two weeks.  They can pledge an amount of money for every minute that you read or make a flat donation. 

Step #2:  Add the sponsor’s name and pledge to your pledge sheet.

Step #3:  READ, READ, READ!! Read all that you can between Friday, January 29th and the end of day Thursday, February 11!

·      AnyTIME you read counts (even at school or for your homework).

·      AnyWHERE you read counts (on the bus, in bed, outside-ANYWHERE)!

·      Reading to someone OR having someone read to YOU counts.

Step #4:  Write down minutes you’ve read each day on the attached log, cut out the current day and return it to your teacher with your homework.  After the final day of Read a Thon, January 11, collect your pledges.  Return your pledge sheet, reading log, and all donations to your teacher NO LATER THAN Tuesday, February 16.  Remember—please turn in all reading logs, even ones without pledges.  If Scroggs students read for 500,000 minutes, there will be a wacky assembly!

 Mark your calendar for Friday, February 5:

Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character Day

***No weapons or masks***

 Questions about the Read-a-Thon?

Contact your friendly Read-A-Thon Chairs:

Catherine Jones at or Io Wolk at