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Scroggs Frog-e-News wants to hear from you!  Please submit any of the following:

  • Happenings, learning experiences and successes at Scroggs
  • Important dates for the school calendar.
  • Educational resources, websites and articles.
  • Community events and after school activities that would be of interest to Scroggs families.
  • PTA and volunteer events.
  • Things that were made possible or funded by the PTA.
  • Photos of all of the above. We will feature a different photo at the top of the newsletter each week.

Here are a few guidelines for submitting items to the Scroggs eNews:

  • Be concise so that readers will stay engaged. We can always add links for more information.
  • To keep content fresh and keep readers reading, we will only run most news items for two weeks, so choose your timing carefully.
  • Calendar items may be submitted well in advance, and will remain on the calendar until the date of the event.
  • When submitting photos of children, please only submit close ups of faces if you have parents’ permission to publish the photos to eNews. We never publish students’ last names. Photos of large groups at a distance, children photographed from the back, or little hands doing things are all fine.
  • The Scroggs PTA reserves the right to decide which items to publish, and to edit content for brevity, clarity, grammar and punctuation.
  • The deadline for submissions is 8:00 p.m. Thursday for Sunday publication.

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